As you continue to read about additional clues that relate to the “The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine”, please keep in mind we have dozens of clues that we have not yet shared with you. We will continue to discuss and show everything we can and believe me, there is a lot that will be revealed in future posts. In this post I will share three more clues from our site that will check off additional boxes from the clue list.  These are clues that are physically present at our site. Again, these are vetted clues! Two of the photographs were taken on site.

Photo taken on site by Arcana Exploration

Clue 19. Yes…  Pot holes are present.  YES!   Clue nineteen may not be the most dramatic of the clues; however, it is important because there is collaborative information that states that Jacob Waltz and others talked about pot-holes being in the immediate area and that they were very near the Alpha mine.  And yes pot-holes are in fact present! The photo shown, is just one in a group of several pot-holes that are present and close to the mine.

Prior to   Arcana Exploration no one has, produced the amount of physical proof (our own photo’s) that we have! and we are just are getting started, with lots more to come.!  Again, Clue 19 is important because it checks off yet, another box of vetted clues presented by, Arcana Exploration!

Jacob Waltz spoke mainly a German – Austrian, Bavarian blend (Julia Thomas also spoke this unique dialect), and it is very likely when he tried to explain to Julia how to find his mine, he might have said… “suchen fur opferkessels”, bitte bestehen das strudel, danke dur.”

Clue 20 – Two Tarps?

Clue. 20 yes.   This image is significant because it shows the presence of human activity. While this area is not directly adjacent to the mine you can only reach this area by taking the same route that you use to get to the mine. In fact, you must pass by the mine to reach this area. We have several images of this area taken with our drones but, they must remain exclusive to our book. 

It is believed there is a cave that has a two-room stone house at the entrance. It has been stated that because it is in area where rain and wind constantly beat down on this section, that tarps must be stretched across to keep the elements out.  Because of the altitude and high winds, we have not been able to get our drones close enough to make a definitive assessment of exactly what is stretching across the caves opening. They are not boulders, we are sure of that, but what exactly they are we do not yet know.  We have not physically been able to reach this higher elevation do to time and equipment issues. We have addressed those concerns and we will explore this area on our next trip.

This is not the cave that Waltz, and his partner stayed in, we have located that, and that is closer to the Alpha mine. We posted a photo of that cave earlier.  I believe that someone may have been up there in the last 70 years and it appears that they may have put on some sort of a semi-permanent roof across the opening.  After a lot of research on this area, I believe that several entities may have used this cave as a place to stay and to get out of the unpredictable and violent weather conditions. I am sure that someone has been up there, possibly in the mid – fifties, or perhaps later?

All these adjacent areas are difficult to reach. Keep in mind while they are relatively close to one another the original trail system has collapsed and it makes reaching all these platitudes extremely dangerous. A lot of the   historical information on the site stated that “the path is dangerous”, and that was before the middle of the path collapsed, falling to the canyon floor. Now only part of the original path exists. Now it is a death trap.     

On our Last trip we focused most of our time near the mine. For that reason, on our next trip we are going to triple our length of stay, so we can explore a much larger area.

There are a couple of other things of note about the images with the two tarps (or whatever they are?). Very close to this area we have located what appear to be as many as three mine shafts. They are, directly above the cave with the roofing or tarps. Be clear this is not the natural cave that has the Quartz pit mine in it, but an additional area on the mountain that was also mined but mined using more traditional methods.

These three tunnels are in addition to the seeker shaft dug by Waltz and the seeker shaft dug by the Mexicans to intercept below the Alfa mine. This makes sense, since it is believed that the mountain was mined in areas beside the Alfa cave mine and that unlike the Alfa’ Quartz gold matrix mix, the gold type in those area’s is of a different type.  

As Waltz got older, both his partner and nephew were dead. He trusted very few people, so he mined alone. Because the Alfa mine pit went downward as a funnel and was getting extremely deep and steep, it became very dangerous to lower men down and then bring them back even with several men. It would have been imposable to mine the pit alone. It was very dangerous even for the Mexicans, who had plenty of men. That is the reason, first the Mexicans, then later the Dutchman dug seeker tunnels, trying to intercept the Alfa vain from below. The rock was extremely hard, and both the Mexicans and Waltz abandoned their attempts.

Photo shot by Arcana Exploration – Lost Dutchman Museum

There is credible historic information, that says that Waltz had a carpenter in town build him a small dry shaker plant that he could transport on his burro. This would have been a picture framed type box with a screen. Dutch Hunters have argued for years about why he would need a shaker box, when his mine was a quartz gold matrix mix, which he would not have worked with a dry shaker box?  

It makes sense, that in his later years he would mine in this manner. He no longer physically could mine the Alfa cave, however there was other gold of a different makeup, on the mountain. The tunnels higher up had no water source, it would be too difficult to haul tailings down the mountain to the spring.  So, the story that he had a carpenter fashion him a dry shaker box makes sense.  It had to be efficient, yet a small enough to be portable, a unit that would fit on his burro and lite enough, that an old man could carry up the mountain.    

During my research, I found that there was a lot of information about additional tunnels and caves that were near the Alfa -cave mine. I never could make sense of what was what until we were on site and I could see the actual lay of the land, then things started fitting together, making sense of the historical descriptions of the area. So I will recap some of what is physically present in the area, then hopefully you can make some sense of it.  

 *1. – The natural cave /alfa mine   *2 -a walled-up tunnel below, the Alfa mine, plus *3 – two interceptor tunnels farther down, the mountain and then above the Alfa cave mine we have what appear to be *4 – three additional tunnels (so far). And then we have above the Alfa mine to the left and across *5 – the cave (I showed this in an earlier post) that Waltz, and his partner stayed in, and then and very close by, but higher up *6 – the cave with the two tarps?, or roofs stretching across the cave? (pictured earlier in this post). Keep in mind that our goal on our next trip is further explore and vet the area. In our book I will have a map plus photos of the entire area, until then I know it may be hard to envision, the overall the lay of the land. If ever the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true it certainly is in this case.

Clue 21. Yes – Besides the Alfa pit cave mine, it has been believed that both the Mexicans and Waltz’s may have dug and mined other tunnels besides the Alfa mine This is true! It is not uncommon to mine different gold types on the same mountain, especially if the volcanic activity was extremely violent, which is true at our site. The previous photo shows a secondary tunnel near the Alfa -mine. As I have previously stated there are a lot of strange things you see in the Superstition Mountains, some are significant others are just illusions, but they all need to be vetted.

 In the Super’s, truth is often stranger than fiction and sometimes you need to slap yourself in the face, taking nothing for granted. Just make sure you stay objective. The previous photo is an area we did not reach on our last trip, it is higher up the mountain and we ran out of time.

I took this photo with a 300m telephoto lens and my Sony a6500 camera. On our next trip we will defiantly reach this area. As you look at the photo, look to the right of the tunnel on the adjacent ledge. It is totally inconclusive, but it looks like there could be a small dry shaker box (frame with screen) sitting on the ledge? Whatever it is, the view is partially blocked on the left side by a small bush? I am sure it is only an illusion. It could not be from the time period of the Dutchman, the termites most likely would have eaten it by now. It is possible that with in the last 70 years or so someone else could have been up there mining with a shaker box.

The interesting thing is (as far as we can tell) there is no water source up there, so if someone was up there mining this is exactly what they would use, either way, on our next trip we will check it out. I think it is nothing, but it is interesting none the less. There are many things at our site that are undeniable, this is not one. Just thought I would share my thoughts with you.      

In the next post I we reveal one of our most significant discoveries, the real El Sombrero. I will discuss at length El Sombrero and Weavers Needle (the red herring), and their significance. After a lot of consideration, I have decided that in the next Post I will show and image of the true “El Sombrero (the, hat)”.

Photo taken by Arcana Exploration  –   Rodger and Davey.

 For the first time ever, Arcana Exploration, will reveal the Mexicans hat!… the true, “El Sombrero”! Next Post!  Also included in the next post I will discuss the Peralta Priest – Witch Stone. We know the true meaning of the Witch Stone!

Following the next post (El Sombrero post), I will offer up the most important clue to date!  I will discuss the trail marker signs that we have discovered at our site. These trail markers have been chiseled into rocks and boulders. They are vivid and deep, not just some faint hard to make out, half worn away scratches. Their purpose, and intent are undeniable. After much consideration I have decided to share an actual photo of one of the chiseled trail marker signs. The photo will shock a lot of Dutch-Hunters, I am sure. It shocked us.    

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  1. Mark


    Respectfully, you have not found the Dutchman’s mine. What you have is a theory. Until you have pictures of an 18″ gold vein, gold nuggets in a red quartz vein, or a vein with silver and gold mix, you only have a theory.

    You want funding, show evidence of the actual veins, or of the inside of the mine, ect.

    I’ve been doing my own research for the last 6 years, and I have never heard of the alfa mine. Can you please show a source of that information? And what proof do you have that there was a family called the Peraltas that were anywhere in the Sonoran region?

    • Reply

      Respectfully Mark you do not know what we do have.. Respectfully again Mark you are confused what comes first is a working hypothesis, when enough evidence accumulates to support the hypothesis it moves to the next step- know as a theory- – in the scientific theory there is an in depth explanation of the observed phenomenon accumulated with proven facts. Actually in chapter two of our book I discuss this in relation to how this played out in our quest. And we do have pictures and it is white quartz matrix with gold stringers, that look like the matchbox that Bob Schuss has that has direct provenance to Jacob Waltz.
      As far a alfa I missed spelled that and will correcting that on our site It should read Alpha, my bad. In the superstition mountains the Mexicans supposedly had 18 mines but they had one mine that was exceptional, there are many tunnels and digs on the Dutchman’s, mountain but only one was exceptional, the Dutchman mine when compared to the Vulcan or Goldfields or any mine in the southwest is believed to be the richest of all. I could have referred to his rich mine as El Mucho grande, top banana, or big mama, instead to separate this mine from all the others of any note as, I chose to refer to it as the” Dutchman’s Alpha” mine, in the Greek language it means first letter, first number, first born son the eldest and most important son was the Alpha son. So thankyou we will take claim to the mine of note being referred to as the Alpha mine, yes you heard it from us.
      Do we yet know the full story to the massacre or the mines, we do not know for sure, but somebody will dig, somebody like Wayne,Somehike will find that in some old Mexican diary or some where. As far as Peralta’s in Sonora there were dozens of family’s then and thousands today, that is easy to uncover and has been already done, do your research. Thank you for your thoughts.

      • Mark


        If you have pictures of white quartz with gold stringers, why wouldn’t you post them? All you have said is that you found it but with zero credibility. There’s been hundreds of people that have claimed to have found the mine. Blindwoman on treasurenet, John v Kemp, and Crazy Jake have all claimed to have found it. You’re saying you found it with no evidence and we’re just supposed to believe you?

        Stolen Valor.
        I know you haven’t found it, you know you haven’t found it. So why are you claiming that you have.

      • Mark


        If you have dug to open a gold mine in the Superstitions, you are admitting to commiting a crime. Treasure hunting is illegal in the Superstitions. The Superstitions are open to mineral discovery, but not open to mining and doing so is illegal.

        • Reply

          Mark why the hissy fit, if we have not found anything you will be a happy camper. You can not mine in Tonto National, everybody knows that. Our gold is our true story about five great friends on an unbelievable journey, all money in the world cannot but that, when you are older, maybe you will understand, maybe not. We all have great lives, nobody is going to jail for anything. We can document everything on film, and if we have the mine, there will be plenty of things to be thankful for. Oh and you should not believe anything yet, we have not shown much yet, we are on our own schedule when the time is best for us we will share everything. Thanks Jeff.

      • Reply

        Jeff…the mine has been found. It is not in the superstition mountains.
        Story published in Lost Treasure Magazine June 2016.
        Why do none of you ever mention the article in LT. Because you are all full of beans. Tuttle, Schoose, Feldman, Corbin and more.
        Never seen so many blowhards in my life.

  2. Wayne


    None of your pic’s correlate with with your story, I find your story mixed of hypothetical responses more then facts. If the Peralta Stones are mixed into the story then respond with one word. Where is start. State that in one word and I’ll believe your story, it woun’t give away nothing to hamper your Quest. It will add to your Story.

    Waiting your response

    Wayne R Mickelson

  3. Reply

    Wayne I am not sure I understand the questions exactly, I apologize I am 72. I think part of what you are asking is yes how do the Peralta Stones fit into the overall narrative and why and how they are connected to the lost Dutchman’s Alpha mine. Which I have already stated, they do have great significance, but I am not giving that away now. #1 We need to go back for one long trip and document, the site. If we give that out ahead of time. The sate of Arizona will lock that down, like its the tomb of Jesus, and us and anyone else except for the state of Arizona will be allowed up there. So on our site I am never going to explain in full, that will be in our book after are last trip, why would I do that, because someone double dares me, please. As far the start, do mean the start of the trail, if that is what you are asking forget it. That cannot be what you ask when you said first, so what did you mean exactly? What do you mean none of our pictures correlate to our story give me one example what you mean. Also keep in mind the site is not convince anybody of anything, our book will ether do that or it won’t. But telling the start of the trail no way. Thanks for interest have great week. Jeff.

    • Wayne



      If your linking The Dutchman’s Mine to the Peralta Stones it’s a daunting task if your supposedly at the end. There would be no way of linking the two as the same. There’s no clue left by the Dutchman that match clues to the Stones. None!

      Weavers Needle would have been your answer. And it gives nothing away.


      • Reply

        Wayne Thank you so much for your response, I thought that was what you were asking me, this is great, I am getting ready to summit the next clues and Weavers Needle is one of things I am covering.. I do not see comments until Randy posts them, I had not looked in a couple of days, and about an hour ago. I saw your new reply. I mean this sincerely, thankyou for your reply I am going to use it as the intro to the new post, I do not mean that in derogatory way. Before I saw your reply I had already titled the clue – post start …” Weavers Needle the Red Her-ringing of clues” The answer to the (your) question is not Weavers Needle. Please go back to the start of the site, there is something I say that a lot of people miss because they read too fast or skip things I mention Birds nest two times read it carefully, with a quick glance they look the same. Look for the header that says “READ BETWEEN THE LINES” Please wait to comment back until after the new clues post. for- anybody who is reading this please read the up coming clues post, it is folks like Wayne who are sincerely interested that make for great interaction. Please read again what Wayne’s previous comment (reply), make sure you understand what he is commenting on because about 90% of people in the last 150 years would ask the same question, in the upcoming post I will cover Weavers Needle the ” Red Her-ring. The new clues post should be in by the end of next week, hopefully sooner. Wayne and everybody have a great week-end. Jeff.
        Also the birds nest lines, have to do with the Peralta stone’s, that is different than the Weavers Needle issue, I will address both. Also Wayne please go back and read what I say about the Peralta stones, Please and read slowly and think about what I am really saying. thanks Jeff.

        • Wayne



          I think we’re on the same thought process you just call them different names, Red Her-Ring, Birdnest, Bird lines. Weavers Needle is the Red Her-Ring, Guardian Angle is the Bird nest and Sight lines would be your Birdlines to the Heart.

          Yeah, it’s a Jesuit Treasure Trail no doubt in my mind. But as for your pic’s I’m not seeing much in them as a link to the Peralta Stone.


          • Yes Jesuit for sure but, and I mean no disrespect but I am not sure you are following the Birds nest analogy, I will get into that latter, and you are correct the pictures I have shown so far do not, or are not meant to prove anything about the Peralta Stones, those photos will have to wait because they give away the location. I have not yet made the case for the Peralta Stones that will be in the book. At this time I am just laying the ground work for things we have on the ground that match a vast number of the clues as to what the place looks like. the very last thing we will do is after we have made our case for what is on the ground we will show how the stones and at least three maps absolutely take you to the same birds nest. We will not get into the maps until after our next trip. And Wayne, you are correct when you think Jesuit involvement, and make sure you check the upcoming post I will discuss the reply’s between yourself and my self. . Thanks Wayne have a Great week – end. thanks Jeff.

      • Reply

        Wayne, you are so full of beans.
        After talking boatloads about the Peralta stones in your history channel documentaries, you now say the complete opposite. That the Dutchman and the Peraltas are not connected.
        This is because you know the mine has been found using the Peralta stones and the deerskin, story even published in Lost Treasure Magazine cover story June 2016.
        But because all you boys in AJ are so butt hurt you weren’t the ones who found Minas Sombreros you won’t even tell your own peeps, your fans, the truth. I even gave a lecture to all of you at the Lost Dutchman rendezvous. I like how all the cameras came down just before I spoke. Hey everyone….google The Peralta stones and the Peralta Burbridge map of 1753. Find the the “8-N” on the priest map of the stones.
        Then find the darkened in black circle on the Peralta Burbridge map of 1753. (Yes, that’s 1753)
        That black circle on the Burbridge is the eighth full circle going North at the main cluster of mines.
        Two maps. Two 8-N’s.
        This is quite significant and we know exactly where 8- North is. It is even referred to on the Peralta deerskin map. Google the maps.
        You will find out the truth that the old timers refuse to tell you in our documentary. If this ain’t Wayne T, disregard. If it is……Wayne…do you even care if more die searching for this site that has already been found? If you are a decent person, you should…….. B.

  4. henry poff


    looking from north to south wold put you on the north side of the salt river my research on this is your mine is on the tortilla flat side thanks for the reading points and photos i hope you find it and keep it a secret , and fulfill your memory as i have of a lost mine with so much history and view points thank you very much and i will buy your book when it comes out thank you

    • Reply

      Thanks Henry When the book comes out send it to us, and remind me of this post and I will have everybody sign it, and send it back with a photo.. Good Health.

    • Reply

      My friend Robert flew over this location and took areial photos. Clearly see the stone house foundation.
      Been there below now 3 times. Navigation tarket are brown stained cliffs.
      There is also a triangle pile of rocks across from the mine about 75 yards. Good luck in your exploration. If you have not spotted them, look they are there. Maybe 5 feet high.

      We are headed back early 2020..Maybe our paths will intersect.

      We too have other clues, more than happy to discuss if you reach out.

  5. Reply

    Pretty sure its the same area. I don’t think there are 2 different stone house foundations sitting on a ledge, up the steep canyon. Below the canyon in the creek bed is the “Face in the Rock”( One of JW’s clues) with a Peralta stone pointer and a heart pointing up the canyon. Two ways to get to the LDGM. One from above and the other going straight up the canyon, which is difficult because of avalanche of stones falling into the neck of the can yon. Robert Kesselring has nailed the spot with pictures, and as I said we have been just below it. And yes drone footage does help. We filmed a documentary there 2 years ago. I believe Bob Brown the Producer, reached out to you guys a few months ago, but never heard back from you. We will be going back early 2020, maybe our paths will cross.

  6. Reply

    I really think it is the same area. There can’t be two different stone house foundations sitting on top of a ledge. Thanks for your reply. Hope our paths cross next year as we again venture up the canyon!!!

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