Icing on The Cake

A while back I posted that we were still at it. Because of Covid-19 and other factors, we were trying unsuccessfully to get one last trip together, but unfortunately, that trip took a long time to plan. Finally, a date was set for us to go back to Arizona later this year. This will be

Still at it.

The Blacktail rattler can grow to a maximum length of 51 inches. This is an average length for the rattlesnake species, but its girth is usually quite large, so it can be extremely powerful. Its venom is only 2/3s as potent as a Western Diamondback, but its venom glands are extremely large—the largest of all

Zig-Zag – the Path… part #1

Rodger climbing around the boulder jam to reach Zig-Zag – GoPro- 6 Over the last several months, many critical comments have come to our site regarding content and clues. I welcome the varied opinions; engagement is a good thing, especially when it comes to the multiplex history of the Dutchman’s legend. Critique is a part

Clue 24: Trail Markers

Trail Markers Trail markers and trail signs are abundant in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. Many people have used them as both directional and mis-directional tools in the Supers. The groups that have or could have left these trail markers in most cases are as follows: Native Americans Mexican miners. Jesuits and Franciscans. Early Spanish

More Clues 2

As you continue to read about additional clues that relate to the “The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine”, please keep in mind we have dozens of clues that we have not yet shared with you. We will continue to discuss and show everything we can and believe me, there is a lot that will be revealed

Clue 18

Clue 18 – Mining activity is present. Davey and Rodger Arcana Exploration, has discovered evidence of past mining activity on site, including mining ruble, signs of quarrying, a drag stone with chain link attached, plus filled-in coal pits, walled up tunnels, un-walled tunnels and other entities. The photo to the right is of Davey and

More Clues

Jacob Waltz – Additional Clues Pierpont C. Bicknell Many Dutchman scholars believe that the source for many of the most important and credible clues come from an early authority, that being newspaper man and author, Pierpont C Bicknell, who interviewed, in person, several of Jacob Waltz’s friends and acquaintances. One of the most significant people

Lost Dutchman Goldmine Clues

One of the World’s Greatest Puzzles Solved! Over the last five years I have read close to 100 books plus other literary and research material regarding the history of the Superstition Mountains and its many inhabitants and visitors. My research has gone back as far as the “Hohokam” (l-CE to 1450), a mysterious and little-known